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0408 293 807



23 Cooper Street

Penrith NSW

Having been passionate about photography as a hobby for decades, Terry McCallum started his photography business when that passion grew beyond the limits of amateur levels. Working in and around Penrith and Western Sydney's Greater West, Terry McCallum Photography was soon providing professional photographic services for weddings, corporate functions, events, portraits, shows, sport and products.


All with a pricing structure designed to bring affordable, professional photos to everyone. Terry's decades of experience as a graphic designer is of enormous benefit when it comes to composition and the more 'arty' side of his photography.


"The best cameras and lenses in the world amount to nothing if you don't know where to point it and when to press it. Good equipment has to be backed up by a sound knowledge of how cameras work and how lenses work. It's the science of the art. Then there's the art itself - composition, timing, lighting, expression - all wrapped up in that 'feel' that any good photographer should portray in his work."


Terry's slogan says it all; 'Make it Art!'