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0408 293 807



23 Cooper Street

Penrith NSW


The colour and excitement of sport occurs at all levels - whether it's a local game or an international championship.


It's important to capture the passion in the faces of the players; the euphoria of winning against the devastation of losing. Individual or team sports both have that utter commitment to victory at all costs - and sports photography must capture that spirit.


Terry McCallum has a portfolio spanning both ends of the sporting spectrum, either on water or land, either with machine or using just what nature gave you.


It could be mum and dad wanting to see the moment their son kicked a goal on a Saturday morning, or an Aussie swimmer touching out the others to take Gold at a world level event - the moment is equally important to all involved.


Similarly at large events and gatherings, the mood and excitement must come through when your looking at the photos. Documenting the size and attendance, zooming in on expressions and moments, and capturing the 'feel' of the day.

Knowing where to point and when to press . . . . that's the key.  


Product photography must show the subject in the best way to make the point required; sale, information, illustration, etc. Food should look delicious and inviting for the restaurant owner, a hardware item should show its rugged construction and durability, fabrics should clearly display their texture and character, and so on.